Samsung Galaxy S6 looks set to be a 2K marvel

We’re expecting Samsung’s next flagship phone to break cover in the near future, and we now have some solid details on what to expect – thanks to a discovered User Agent Profile. As spotted by Dutch site TechTastic (that’s the bit of code that tells a site how to behave on particular devices) the Galaxy […]

Alibaba’s First Movie Production Will Be Directed By Wong Kar-wai

Alibaba Group is best known for e-commerce, but it does much more than just run online marketplaces. The Chinese tech giant announced today that it will produce its first movie project through Alibaba Pictures Group, previously called ChinaVision Media Group before Alibaba acquired a controlling stake last year. Alibaba Picture Group’s first project wil be […]

Semantic Analysis Of Startup L. Jackson Points To Dustin Curtis

With over 26k followers, Twitter persona Startup L. Jackson is a shining star in Silicon Valley’s Twitter constellation. He (she?) often tweets out pithy commentary on investor inside information, tech culture and funny startup minutiae. Since it started tweeting in August 2011, many in the tech community have tried to guess the infamous parody account’s […]

Hands-on review: CES 2015: Parrot Zik Sport

How about this for a plethora of innovative features? The Parrot Zik Sport, designed by Philippe Starck, has an unusual, slightly alien shape that gives great grip and noise cancelling, but with a “Street Mode” option that allows ambient sound through (thereby reducing your chance of being run over by an unheard bus while out […]

Industry voice: What Apple’s HomeKit means for the future of the smart home

Introduction and the need for stability Apple has made its mark in pockets and on desks across the globe, but the company that many consider to be the world’s most valuable brand has now set its sights on the home. Cupertino’s highly anticipated HomeKit is already influencing the home automation market, even at this early […]

CES 2015: High-fashion wearables? Misfit and Swarovski make it so

Attempting to prove that wearables can be techy and look good, Misfit has teamed up with Swarovski to bring you a set of fancy fitness trackers. Announced during CES 2015, the pair will produce two new Misfit Shines will be part of the Swarovski Shine Collection. The first Swarovski Shine features a clear design with […]