Five Tech Fixations In 2015

What was on the mind of the tech industry in 2015? Plenty of course, but judging by the emails flowing into the TC inbox a few topics recurred enough to rise to the top of the preoccupations’ list over the year.

From Uber’s insane funding levels fueling a continued pipeline of ‘Ubers for X, Y and Z’; to ongoing investor fears about the bubble, coupled with a contradictory fetishization of tech’s growing family of unicorns; to visionary chatter about blockchain’s potential’; or founders just trying to catch a break in the self-marketing stakes by banging on about their “successful crowdfunding”. At least the themes that emerged were (mostly) grounded in reality (unicorns notwithstanding). No one, for instance, was pitching a “VR revolution”. And that’s pretty telling…

Source:: Tech Crunch